Contact Info/Review Policy


To all the authors and publishers promoting books, I would be honored to read any books you would like me to review—but with some conditions. No worries, they are fair conditions, and easy to follow. Please see below for the guidelines concerning my reviews and my choice of books.
Just email me at and I will get your book read and reviewed as soon as possible. The order in which I review the requests sent to me is very simple. If the author is a follower of my blog and leaves a comment on any post, they will be put to the top of my list. After that I choose the order in which I receive a request. 

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If you are reading this then you are interested in sending me or recommending me a book. My preferences for books are all under the YA book category. I am very open-minded in most genres, but please bear in mind that I am a girl in my teens and will only read things appropriate for that age group (as in anything basically approved by parents).

Willing to Read:                                Not Willing to Read:

-Historical Fiction                            -Extreme horror, devil, or 
-Fairy Tales                                       anything that goes above 
-Mystery                                            and beyond morality
-Romance                                        -Anything considered higher
-Fantasy                                            rated than rated R
-Adventure                                      -Biographies                  
-Verse written novels
-Some Dystopian
-Some memoirs if pertaining to

If I choose to follow up on your request and read your book then I will let you know via email as soon as possible. It might take me some time to finish reading and reviewing your book because of the amount of books I agreed to read before yours. Not to mention that I read all of these books in my free time after I fulfill all my school obligations, but I will absolutely try my best to read it as soon as I can. Once I finish and post my review I will send you an email letting you know that it is up. And finally, I want to clarify that I review books by my personal honest opinion on what I read.