The Girl Behind the Blog

I am completely and 100% a bibliophile. A bibliophile, for those of you who don't know, is a person who loves books. And I love love LOVE books.<--cliche, I know, but true making me a mega-bibliophile (or would it be super-bibliophile?) well whichever, that's me. And yea I won't live long without food, and I would be extremely cranky without sleep, but a life without reading books? That would just be horrible!!! No joke. (Well, slight exaggeration, but you get the picture) I created this blog as a place to record all the books I read (mostly YA books) for all of you to read. I mainly love historical fiction, fantasy, romance, oh, and fairytales. Of course there is paranormal and dystopian novels. I like to read any other types as well. My options are always open. Oh! And these opinions are MINE alone. So enjoy the site, and make sure to leave me comments!!!


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