Sunday, July 7, 2013

New York City Experience: Day 2

I am titling this post as “Day 2” because this technically was my second day in the city even though I have been in New York for three days. The reason being is that I spent the whole morning yesterday in a car driving up to somewhere in the wonderful state of New York. I visited family up there and had a good time, but I think I can count that day and today’s day as one. An exciting part of yesterday that I can proudly inform you all is that I shot my uncle’s really big shot gun. He used this catapult to launch small flying discs into the air as targets. It is way harder than it looks, but you will be surprised to hear that I successfully hit TWO targets! I lost compared to my family, but whatever even hitting one was an accomplishment.

I had to leave bright and early from the farm because orientation was today. NYU did require it mandatory to all precollege students so it was a must. I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to make it, but lucky that wasn’t the case. We drove past all the beautiful greens of New York. Definitely beautiful, but I don’t think I could live anywhere like that. I was excited when we started to see signs of the city. We passed through New Jersey and stopped to have a snack at this small local plaza that was Korean. We went in to what I took to be a Korean based grocery story and bakery. I’m starting to think anything we do the Koreans do better . . . the fruit was absolutely gorgeous. At the entrance there was a little stand where a worker had cut up samples of the fruit and put little toothpicks so that people could try. It was all the regular fruit I loved but Korean style. The kiwi was yellow the melons were white and all of it was fresh. I was tempted to buy the fruit and take it with me for the next half an hour ride back into the city. However, I decided against that when I discovered the authentic Korean pastries. My parents and I shared the most delicious cream filled pastries. It was a nice way to fill up our stomachs before heading back to the Big Apple.

Today was a big day because I had scheduled an orientation mandated to all the incoming precollege students. I had to say I was a little nervous at first because I knew that I would not know anyone there, but I’ve never been too shy to talk to new people. So it was with mostly excitement that I went with my parents in the afternoon to the Kimmel building. I was dropped off there and began to follow the signs and people to the fourth floor waiting area. It was literally not six minutes into arriving that a fellow student began to talk to me. A friendly girl from Jersey with enough energy and excitement to kill a horse began to excitedly speak to me about stairs, classes, and herself. It eased my nerves a little bit after speaking to her. Clearly there were other people like me that wanted to get to know others.

The first half hour was a power point presentation on the program and everything we could possibly need to know. The people in charge of the program including the program director spoke to us and gave us a warm welcome. I spoke to no one at this point was starting to feel a little awkward again until we started to go off into assigned floor groups. My group appointed to me was great, and I got the chance to speak with almost every single one of its members. One girl in particular seemed nice, a Latina like me except she said she came all the way from Puerto Rico! Hopefully I get to see more of them as the program continues on. First day of class starts in two day!!


Camila (Nap. Snack. Read.)


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