Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima


Before he knows about the roses, sixteen-year-old jack lived an unremarkable like in the small Ohio town of Trinity. Only the medicine he has to take daily and the thick scar above his heart set him apart from the other high schoolers. Then one day Jack skips his medicine. Suddenly, he is stronger, fiercer, and more confident than ever before, and it feels great until he loses control of his own strength and nearly kills another player during soccer team tryouts.

Soon, jack learns the startling truth about himself: he is Weirlind, part of an underground society of magical people who live among us. At their helm sits the feuding houses of the Red Rose and the Whir Rose, whose power is determined by playing the Game—a magical tournament in which each house sponsors a warrior to fight to the death, the winning house rules the Weir.

As if his bizarre heritage isn’t enough, Jack finds out that he’s not just another member of Weirlind---he’s one of the last of the warriors---at a time when both houses are scouting for a player.

  • Number of pages: 426


I chose to read this book because I felt like I was reading too many girly books with female leads. I needed a good guy character to change things up a bit! This book was just the story to read for guys mainly. The whole concepts of magical people and such have become popular of late, but The Warrior Heir is completely different and original from all others. Granted, it was difficult to wrap my mind around all the terms and follow along without confusing a "Weir" with "guilds" and such. It slowed considerably in the middle of the story, but the ending was satisfactory enough. The Game and what it stands for is quite unsettling and gruesome. This book was interesting for the most part has bursts of good fast-paced action and from 1 to 10? I have to give this a 6.

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