Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner


As the French Revolution descends into nightmare, Yann Margoza, a mysterious and extraordinary practitioner of magic, uses his skills to help spirit refugees out of France. If he fails, their fates lie under the blade of the guillotine. But the question of Yann's true identity and the kidnapping of his true love, Sido, expose him to dangers that threaten to destroy him. With Paris on the verge of collapse, Yann must summon all his strength and courage to rescue his beloved Sido and outwit the devil's own--this time for good.

Number of pages: 362


My dear Sally Gardner has done it again with this amazing and extremely vivid telling of the French Revolution. Last time we left Yann and Sido to those times of Terror, Sido was safely deposited in England while Yann used his super duper gypsy powers to smuggle all kinds of people from the bloody lands of France into England. So it seems Yann has a secret reputation as the Silver Blade, but he doesn’t take much notice after mooning over Miss Sido who it seems isn’t answering his latest letter. Of course many of the original characters are in this new story. It really does complete the story of Yann and Sido. I was really excited to read it, though I find it hard to say which book is better The Red Necklace or The Silver Blade. Very tough decision indeed.

You do need a good attention span, though, because there is a very good chance that you might get lost a bit. There are so many twits and turns in this novel, and while those are what make a good story, there are times where getting “lost” in a story might not be a good thing.

The history part was very interesting. I can’t say that I know much of the French Revolution, but from what I read here I think it was accurate. It was really intriguing especially about how people escaped the country. The measures they took were incredible. But hey, to find out the tricked their way out, you’ll just have to read the book. So taking all that into consideration . . . from 1-10? I give The Silver Blade a 6.


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