Monday, June 20, 2011

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore



May be walking past you right now.


Are watching as you read this.


May be in your city, your town.


Are living anonymously.


Are waiting for the day when


Will find each other.


Will make our last stand together—if




Are saved, and


Are saved as well.


  • Number of pages:440


I broke a big cardinal rule of reading . . . never watch the movie before you read the book. And that’s exactly what I did. I can’t believe it either! I didn’t even think the movie was going to be so good, I was mostly just going to watch it because of Alex Pettyfer (<3). The movie was soooo incredible! So I went into the book with high hopes and a little bit prejudiced, I’m not gonna lie.

There were a lot of aspects to this book that made it so life-like that I found so amazing of the author to even think about. The planet Lorien seems like such a possibility when I was reading the book. It’s actually kind of funny how Pittacus Lore basically created a whole new civilization on this completely new planet based around him. Lore made Lorien as a planet with him as the ruler, and although I was kind of confused when he put himself in the actual story I thought it was quite genius. I mean, why shouldn’t he be ruler? He created the whole thing anyway so why not, right?

I actually really enjoyed this book, mostly in the beginning and middle. I blame myself for watching the movie first and maybe diminishing the experience a little bit. Since I kind of knew what was going to happen it didn’t actually have all my attention. (It took me about 2 weeks to finish this one! Not good.) This is a kind of sci-fi novel but for me I categorized it more on the romance side. It was a sweet kind of romance with the fun of having the ex-boyfriend to deal with. It was funny seeing the ex trying to bully John (Number Four) when you obviously knew that he could totally kick his… butt.

The only down side in this book that I actually found was that it was a bit flowery for me. Like in the big epic battle near the end, it was way over done. I mean it took up at least 5 chapters. It was very interesting with the fighting scenes at times, but then it just got a bit tedious, I wanted to see how they would end up! But maybe that was just my impatience at fault. Whatever it was that was how I felt near the end.

It did all tie up at the end setting it up perfectly for the next book. I do want to read the next and any after . . . I just got to make sure not to watch the next movie before I do.

From 1-10? I give I Am Number Four a 6.5

Oh for the book cover I decided to post up a picture of the original cover even though I own the movie version . . . mine has Alex Pettyfer on it!! <3 <3 <3

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