Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams


Thirteen-year-old Kyra has grown up in an isolated community without questioning the fact that her father has three wives and she has twenty brothers and sisters. That is, without questioning it much—if you don’t count her visits to the Ironton County Mobile Library on Wheels to read forbidden books, or her secret meetings with Joshua, the boy she hopes to choose for herself instead of having a man chosen for her. But when the Prophet decrees that Kyra must marry her sixty-year-old uncle—who already has six wives—she must make a desperate choice in the face of violence and her own fears of losing her family forever.

  • Number of pages: 213


I’ve had my eye on The Chosen One for quite some time now. It’s one of those books that I knew I had to read, a book with a story that I wouldn’t soon forget . . . and I was right. This is a very powerful book. There is a story in here that really did leave me in shock. It took me around 4 hours to read. The book isn’t very big to begin with, but add that to the fact that this is a story that you cant put down, and it’s easy to see why it would be hard to stop in the middle.

Kyra is a confused girl living in a world that isn’t sane. She is the daughter of a man . . . and three mothers, as well as a sister of 20 kids. Not the usual Brady Bunch circumstances. Is she happy? She could be considered a content girl. Does she feel like something is wrong with her community? She’s felt it for many years now. They tell her not to read, not to love, not to wander from their given path. You see how her mind tries to follow their ways, but her heart really doesn’t give a shit whether or not “the Prophet” for sees her life a certain way or not. It’s actually very hard to see how she tries to obey, but really cant help herself when she tries to do what is right. There was one specific moment involving a baby and ice water that really left me in shock. I wont give you the circumstances, but when you read it you’ll know what I’m talking about. I guess Kyra would continue living like this if it were for the fact that one night, the Prophet comes to her house and proclaims that she is to marry her 60 year old uncle who already has six wives, while Kyra is only 13. How disgusting is that? This story is her process through denial, hope, survival, and escape. This is a story through the lives of polygamists and barbarians and child/women abusers. The story was truly heart stopping. It was both unrealistic to me and completely realistic to those who really have to live through that. It really showed me how my life situations aren’t the only ones, that there are many other types of lives and circumstances that I probably wouldn’t comprehend. It opened my eyes a bit, and I don’t regret it. From 1-10? The Chosen One gets a 6.5

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