Friday, July 20, 2012

Guardians: The Girl Giveaway! Info & Rules

The time has come for me to try something new. It was bound to happen, to try to spice things up a bit and give you guys a chance to interact with me and win an awesome prize. So what better time to do that other than on Nap Snack Read’s two-year blogaversary? The day is coming and it is my wish to celebrate it with my first special giveaway!

So here are the details. The author who has agreed to partner up with me for this special event it Lola St. Vil. She is the author of Guardians series, and has agreed to present the winners with a free copy of the first book Guardians: The Girl in kindle format, nook format, and pdf format. If a different format is needed, just let me know which type you'd need and I'll see what I can do. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this book, click here to see my review on Guardians: The Girl and a full summary of the story. Trust me on this, I highly, highly recommend this book, so you might as well try to win a copy here, right? So take the chance, and apply to win on July 24, which is five days from now. Set your alarms . .  . take note of it in your calendar . . . because this is one book you will want to try to win.

Giveaway Rules

1. Contestant must be a follower of Nap Snack Read (follow the steps indicated on the right hand side, above Blog Archive)

2. Contestant must send an email to with your name and follower profile name or comment on this post with the information

3. Email/comment must also include the type of book format you prefer

The winners of this giveaway will be announced on the 24th of July and be given their prize accordingly. Good luck to you all! 


  1. Do you like dragons?

  2. Fine, therefore i must also catch on The infernal Equipment sequence, since this is the guide an individual submitted... lol.