Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poetic Nights by Dwight Francis

This isn’t exactly a review. I couldn’t do a review on a book of poems because prose and poetry are two very different things. I couldn’t very well review a whole book when each poem written in it is unique and completely different in many ways. This is a book of poems that I received from my awesome guidance counselor at my school. He is the author of this book, and it was great seeing a different side to Mr. Francis through his writing because I feel that is what poetry is all about, right? It’s about writing what you feel, the innermost part of your heart and bearing it out for others to see and experience with you. I really felt that here, as I read about his family and friends and life and goals.

I wrote down some of the poems that I enjoyed instead of an overall review. I hope you enjoy them! “Live long, live free, live happy for me.”

My Quest for Greatness

I traveled the world for all to see,
a shining beauty destined to succeed.

I am full of delight soaring above and beyond,
The skies is the limit, so please prepare my flight.

The road was rocy—full of rain and thunder,
But I had no fear, because this tiger is a hunter.

Meet me at the river, that’s where I lay,
From this turbulent journey, to God I pray.

You can rest assured I will not stray . . .
Forward into battle, a continuous movement
That involves no play.

So day-by-day I will fulfill my quest,
Striving for greatness to be the very best.

Blue Skies

As blue as the sky
I am vivacious and warm.
Fulling my heart with compassion,
Students embrace me with affection.
Loving and always nurturing, my sensitivity
Ignites a fire in their eyes, and that’s why
My love will always shine bright . . .
As bright as the blue skies.

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